Animal Rights Activist ZeVegan

ZeVegan’s music lyrically exposes details of the factory farms industry. Cage industries torture every animal that human society devours. ‘Torture Incorporated’ spends huge money to keep society officially desensitized to the souls and rights of animals. They’ve made almost everyone willing to eat tortured animals, agreeing to regard these ravaged, and then packaged beings as merely food products off the factory disassembly lines. Likewise, ZeVegan’s lyrics joyfully exclaim the certainty of God’s justice. Prophet Moses is on Earth now and is warning believers of the nearing Judgment Day of God. All animals have equal legal rights. God’s Judgment Day, will enforce this justice globally. This factual information is vital for animals, their advocates, and prospective Vegans alike!!

Getting ZeVegan’s music is a breakthrough means, with which animal rights supporters are able to spread the animals’ message! Music released by ZeVegan frees animals by inspiring new converts to Veganism. ZeVegan’s  plant-powered Rhymes sow vivid descriptions of the industrialized Animal Holocaust into the consciences of prospective vegans! Now, the highest word count in hip hop is devoted To animal liberation, knowledgeably inspiring mass emergence of anti-cage veganism! ZeVegan’s lyrics effectively blow the top off of cage industry’s secrecy. ZeVegan is fully faithful that God’s plan, the Justice, will enable Zevegan’s animal rights music and T-Shirts to liberate plenitudes of Animals — BEFORE the Judgment Day.

Freedom For Future Generations of Animals

Vegan Earth

Vegan Earth begins with Judgment Day. It is Justice of God, established here, for animals. Vegans who hope to survive God’s Judgment Day are required to be the best activists that they can be. YOU MUST… Serve God’s animals by manifesting your best potential actions for animal rights. Press others to quit torturing animals; God commands us all to be Vegan. Those who don’t comply with God’s Vegan Law, are destined for Hell in God’s Judgment Day.

The Writing is on the wall ~ Prophet Moses is back on earth now. Part of his task is to warn those who shall listen, about the Commandments of God , such as Equal Animal Rights Law, and God’s mandatory enforcement mechanism: the soon-coming Judgment Day of Certain Justice.


Those who have helped this project come to fruition:

Prophet Moses (Messenger of God)
Lauren Roberts
Visualocity Media