Chick Feels Hate White T-Shirt

Chick Feels Hate White T-Shirt


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Chik-Fil-A, the chain Pest-aurant, posts up their pro-death billboards- across the map. These Killboards are backwardly inSinuating- that cows are co-conspirators, in Chik-Fil-A’s holocaust crimes against chickens! Realistically, innocent cows & chickens- commonly form loving friendships with each other, at farm-animal sanctuaries! The cows sense the love- that their feathered friends share with them. Conversely, virtually all chickens on earth- are being tortured for zombies’ cage-foods! Exhibiting soulful inter-species love & empathy at sanctuary; indeed every cage-tortured Chick~Feels~Hate!

“All you poultry~geists eat is caged animals; sultry violence-
bulky tyrants, clear-cutting freedom- and planting jails! ”
– ZeVegan (Poultry~geists) 



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