Zevegan Clothing (thin)

Wear & Share Animal Rights!

Animal Rights are a fact of Life, but the Earth’s animals, who outnumber humans – trillions to billions, have become nothing but commodities, objects without rights, to the mindsets of most humans. Other animals cannot use human language to speak up for their selves, families, and species. Its the job of Animal Rights Activists to do Everything within their power to awaken society to the animal holocaust which it is literally cooking up every day. Bee’s Vegan Clothing exists to help Vegans dramatically increase their success with converting other people to non-violent, cage-less diets. ?

Our slogans and their accompanying graphics aim to induce inevitable and essential guilt trips, in non-Vegans (cage builders), that will lead the dumbstruck to becoming Compassionate Vegans (or just guilt stifling murderers)! Wearing Bee's Vegan shirts as billboards, will lead people to Animal Righteousness , who you never even met. You change diets by changing shirts - wearing the Truth on your sleeve. Our clothing can also help isolated Vegans to instantly discover one another within their communities for friendship and collaboration. Animals were created Free, and Vegans were created to Protect Animals!

This Earth belongs to Vegans.. so Dress like it does!!


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